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We have been helping families find safe, maure and well qualified babysitters since february 2011.

Barnevakthjelpen barnepassformidling privide babysitters to families in Trøndelag .

Our babysitters have a huge commitment to working with children. Are you looking for a reliable , committed and experienced babysitter who can work for you , you’ve come to the right place now. We provide a wide diversity of professional , safe , experienced and certified babysitters so that you can make som time off your hands- totally safe.

Every one of our babysitters are quality assured and carefully picked out to do a good job for our families. All were interviewed and their references are contacted and confirmed. We have a high standard of our babysitters , so we can continue to provide babysitting services of high quality with dedicated babysitters .


We do a big job in finding just the right babysitter for you, of course you get to be included in the process. We have our satisfaction guarantee on the babysitter , you are not satisfied, you get a new one.

Every one of our babysitters are quality assured and carefully picked out to do a good job for our families. All of ur babysitters are over 18 years old, and have experience from preveous work with children.

-We make it easy to find good care for your children




- One time service: 399kr

- 6-moths contract: 1750kr

- 12-moths contract 2490kr

We have a Gold-membership for members who have stayed with us for more than two years. You only have to pay 2250 kr for one year.

You also have to pay the babysitter 120kr pr hour. You have to pay the babysitter for 3 hours every time she shows up for work.

The membership is an ongoing contract that has to be terminated no later than one month before the end of current period. All you need to do is send us an email regarding this.

You can find information about taxes here.


1. We provide you with a babysitter that fist you needs. You get to meet the babysitter so you can participate in the possess. You can change babysitter whenever you want, free of charge of corse.

2. The babysitter are hired by you, you do not need to involve Barnevakthjelpen when you make your appointments, and the babysitter gets paid by you.

3. If you are in need of a substitute babysitter we do our best to give you the same substitute every time.

We also help families that visit Trondheim on vacation or for other occasions like weddings, courses, conferences, concerts etc. If you are visiting Trondheim and want to spend some time without your children, our babysitters are a safe solution for you.

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