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Barnevakthjelpen provides babysitters to families in Trøndelag


Are you looking for a reliable, committed and experienced babysitter who can work for you, you’ve come to the right place. We have been helping families find safe, mature and well qualified babysitters since february 2011.

Our babysitters have a huge commitment to working with children. We provide a wide diversity of professional, safe, experienced and certified babysitters to ease your everyday schedule. Sometimes you might just have a need to be able to reduce stressful days, weeks or months, or simply just take som time off. 

Every one of our babysitters are quality assured, and carefully picked out to do a good job for our families. They have all gone through thorough interviews, and their references are contacted and confirmed. We have a high standard of our babysitters, to assure that we can continue to provide babysitting services of high quality.


We offer different supscriptions, as well as one time jobs. The prices for the different options are:

  • One time job: 399 kroner
  • 6 months subscription: 1750 kroner
  • 1 year subscription: 2490 kroner
  • We also offer Gold memberships to customers who have subscripted for more than two years. Gold memberships includes 1 year subscriptions for 2250 kroner. 

The families pay the babysitter separately. This is a agreement solely between the babysitter and the family, and has nothing to do with Barnevakthjelpen. We do, however, have some payment guidance that we encourage our customers to use when scheduling payments with the babysitter. 


We do a big job in finding just the right babysitter for your family, and of course you get to be included in the process. Our service comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which includes rehiring of another babysitter if any dissatisfaction appeares. 

Every one of our babysitters are quality assured and carefully picked out to do a good job for our families. All of ur babysitters are over 18 years old, and have experience from previous work with children.

- We make it easy to find good care for your children.

Salary guidance

  • 140 kroner per hour is the minimum rate.
  • Each assignment has a minimun payment of 3 hours. 
  • We encourage to use separate prices when the assignment involves night time or sleepovers. 
  • If the babysitter is taking the kids to activites (such as e.g. the movies), the families cover the expenses for both the children and the babysitter.
  • Cancellation must be communicated at least 24 hours before the assignment starts, other wise the family have to pay the babysitter. 

We also remind you about the Norwegian tax rules as a employer:  skattereglene for barnepass.


One time service
6 months
12 months